A New Adventure

I believe in trying new things. I believe in jumping in even when you’re frightened. I believe in failing so you can learn something. I believe in chasing experiences.

So far in my life I’ve been a park ranger. A zookeeper. A tunnel flyer. A clothing stylist. A jewelry salesmen. A corporate manager. A crystal seller. A social media manager. A paid cosplayer. A medical biller. And a professional photographer.

I’ve run businesses for others and myself. I’ve been successful and I’ve been a failure.

Every one of those careers, however brief or lengthy, taught me valuable life skills. But more importantly they taught me about myself. I’ve learned who I am and what I love by trying everything I’ve ever had an interest in. I was blessed to find all the opportunities I did and I don’t take those blessings for granted.

I’ve got stories about owls, I’ve got ancedotes about rattlesnakes, I can tell you all about the sport of wind tunnel flying, I can help you make sense of your medical bill, tell you if your diamond is real, help you craft a costume out of foam, and I can take almost any crystal you put in front of me and give you a fun fact about it. I’ve loved learning everything I can in every weird and wild field.

I’ve dreamed about having a crystal shop for ages but only recently did I realize I really, really want to sell my crafts.

When my friend gently pushed me into doing my first craft show I experienced for the first time the pride of having others value my hand-made arts.

I’ve been making jewelry and collecting rocks my entire life but until now I only made things for myself and loved ones. Making for the craft show let me experience the joy of crafting in bulk. I had so much fun spending weeks thinking up designs and bringing them to life. The act of making is addictive and I’m ready to keep going.

So now I’m setting out on a new adventure. I took all my knowledge from managing online shops for others and I have built my own. I’m taking my knowledge of jewelry and crystals and marketing and I’m diving in. I don’t expect a big splash but I’m hoping to make some ripples.

Am I frightened? Absolutely. Might I fail? Very probably.

But at the end of the day I know this experience will teach me and help me grow. I’ll learn more about myself and what I love. I’ll get to make so many new things! And hopefully by the time I wrap this experience up there will be at least a couple people wearing a piece of Miss Mohs with love.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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