About Jenny

Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate is a photographer, cosplayer, and crafter. She loves amethyst, alexandrite, and rubies. She enjoys taking dramatic photos on rainy days, beading teensy tiny beads onto string, and kneading a nice solid piece of clay.

How Miss Mohs came to be

I’ve had two passions since I was a child. Creating and collecting. My childhood rock collection overflowed with quartzite and granite and random pebbles. My childhood jewelry was all handmade, whether it was plastic beads or carefully strung friendship bracelets! As I grew up my rock collection became full of rarer minerals and my love of jewelry became finer too.

Every item of jewelry is handmade by me with love. Every crystal featured or on sale is one that I have carefully selected with the passion of a lifelong admirer of rocks.

I hope you love wearing my pieces as much as I loved making them!

Thanks for visiting!